Welcome to ABUJA—the HEART of Nigeria!!

If I have to do it again, I will still choose Abuja. I have been hearing about Lagos…but to be honest, Lagos has been overrated…the noise, overpopulation, pollution and other things. Abuja is serene and organized. At least in Abuja drivers will slow down for you to cross or signal you with their hands to cross. The zebra sign is respected in Abuja road networks. Where do you get that kind of pampering in Lagos—where everyone is always in a rush and hurry; with the endless go-slow. Hmmm…I wonder if I can actually stay in Lagos because that rush-rush helter-skelter lifestyle is never harmonious with me. That is not to say that I am not energetic. I am; but the ideal life is not the one you live under tension, rushing and hurrying. It was reported some time ago in Lagos how a man using the zebra crossing was almost crushed by a car!

Abuja is actually a beautiful place to be; another thing that makes me love Abuja is the breathtaking rocks, hills and mountains that grace it—adding beauty and magic to it. Beholding these mountains, rocks and hills could not have been more refreshing! Suffice to say that it is uplifting and quite refreshing! Personally, I love nature and I love spending time in nature too. Seeing these beautiful beings and wonders of creations also serve as a reason to think about life, appreciate life and the Grand Designer.

Central Area, Abuja

One lovely sunny morning, I went for a shopping in a supermarket. While I was minding my own business doing my shopping as a gentleman that I am; I heard a conversation between two friends sharing their experiences on their first day of visit to Abuja. It was actually a hilarious and dramatic one! I have a similar experience like theirs but not to the extent of how dramatic their own was—I can actually say with gratitude and joy that I did not have to be caught up in a maze of finding my way on my first day in Abuja. In fact, it was Divinely arranged and I will call it a “Cosmic Ride…”

Here is the conversation that the two friends were discussing among themselves:

First Friend: I will never my first time to Abuja. The Abuja roads trend is very amusing and confusing. Because if you get car, you go lost, if you no get car, you go still lost.

Second Friend: You ask too much question you go lost more.

First Friend: Airport Road is Lugbe, Airport Junction is in Jabi by Life Camp, you get flight and you go stop for Airport junction, I laugh in Hebrew na GUO night bus you go enter las las.

Second Friend: You enter bus because you hear Galadima and na Galadimawa you dey go, my dear you haff lost

First Friend: You wan go buy something for Jahi and you land yourself for Jabi safe journey my dear

Second Friend: Them tell you say make you come Gwagwa, you begin go Gwagwalada, Adieu my dear

First Friend: You find yourself for Wuye and your interview nah for Wuse, my dear return to LinkedIn jobs and start applying again.

Second Friend: You dey go Idu magically find yourself for Iddo hope you haff strength

First Friend: You think Area 1 to Area 11 dey in order bah? You will trek. Zone 1 to Zone7? Better enter Bolt ooo

Second Friend: You dey go Apo dem carry you go Aco? Na tomorrow you go reach house

First Friend: You wan see craze, Assume that Wuse 2 and Wuse Zone 2 na the same place or Katampe in Mpape and Katampe in Kubwa express na same place…kikikikiki, I laugh in Hindu!! LMFAO!!!

Second Friend: City Gate na where Abuja start, the other places na FCT, don’t be deceived.

First Friend: There’s Berger in Berger and Berger in Lugbe.

Second Friend: There’s Police Signboard in Lugbe and Police Signboard in Dutse. Know there is Dutse in Wuse, and remember that Wuse and Wuye has no business.

First Friend: My dear, download Uber/Rida/Bolt.

Second Friend: You are driving and you miss a bridge, Hehehehehehe welcome to Nasarawa.

First Friend: You are driving and you take the wrong flyover, Niger State appreciates your presence my dear. The only thing that you can count on here is your Power bank and Airtime

First Friend & Second Friend: Welcome to ABUJA—the HEART of Nigeria!!

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